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Winter Is Coming.

Don’t Let Your Business Get Buried When The Snow Flies!


Calgary Snow Removal is the official snow removal provider
for the Scotiabank Saddledome.

Say Goodbye to Snowy Mountain.

Call us when you need a pile removed.
We’ve got the only snow dump in the city!

Overnight Service

When Calgary wakes up, the snow
is gone… and so are we.

Snow Removal Rule #1

Calgary weather is unpredictable,
so always have extra equipment standing by.

Ice Management Experts

Salt and sand are your first line of defense
against icy parking lots… but not the only one.

Sign up for Automatic Snow Removal with Calgary’s #1 Commercial & Industrial Snow Removal Service.

Severe winter weather is on its way. If you haven’t yet arranged for automatic snow removal, you may find yourself scrambling when the storm hits.

When you have a contract for automatic snow removal with Calgary Snow Removal, you can rest assured that your parking lots, walkways, and other high traffic surfaces will be clear of snow and ice when your staff and customers arrive in the morning.

We anticipate the winter weather so you don’t have to, and when it hits, we’re on the scene with plows, skid-steer tractors, and sanding trucks, working through the night. By 7:00 AM, the snow is gone and so are we.

We provide the best snow clearing and removal service in Calgary, with the most advanced ice management techniques and materials, and we operate the only snow dump within city limits, so our removal costs are low.

Find out why customers like the Soctiabank Saddledome trust Calgary Snow Removal to keep their lots looking like spring throughout the winter. Fill out the form to the right to get started with a free quote, or call 403-879-1101.

Get Started With A Free Quote For Automatic Snow Removal

Fill out the form and we will get back to you today. Limited commerical & industrial client spots available - no single-family residential homes.


Service You Can Count On

We’ve been removing snow in the Calgary area for 20+ years, so we understand the logistics of providing a timely service at a competitive price - which means you can count on us to be there at the agreed upon time, and be gone before your customers and staff arrive.

Ice Management Expertise

We are the experts at removing ice and hard snow pack. We employ the full spectrum of techniques, from spreading salt and sand to preventative pre-treatment of liquid calcium (from our own well) to non-corrosive ice melters for sensitive sites, like airports.

Calgary's Only Snow Dump

We are the only snow removal service that operates a snow dump within city limits - so you pay less for fuel, time and save on dumping fees.